Getting Started

Here is a quick start guide for using SmartTrace.

1.Check the Autostart Template assigned to your SmartTrace tracker

Log into SmartTrace – smartTrace.com.au

Navigate to “Trackers” and find your tracker in the list

Check the Autostart Template assigned to your tracker and edit as required.

2.Switch on the Tracker

Press the green power button for 3 seconds

A slow blinking blue light says the device is working. ie. It has found a network connection.

A continuous blue light says the device is about to switch off.

A slow blinking red light says low battery (device can be charged via microUSB).

When a tracker is switched on, it automatically creates a shipment using the Autostart Template.
eg. The first time Tracker 301 is switched on it creates shipment 301(1). The next time it is switched on, it creates shipment 301(2).

3.Attach the tracker to goods

The tracker can either be placed inside the goods or attached to the exterior packaging.

To attach the device, use the adhesive on the back, or a cable tie or tape (avoid covering the light sensor).

Consider placing a sign on the load to help the receiver recover the device for reuse.

4.Optional. Edit shipment data to modify default config.

Log into SmartTrace – smartTrace.com.au

Select the shipment from the shipment list (it should be visible within 2 minutes of device being switched on).

View the shipment in the chart page.

Select the pencil icon on left side to alter shipment details. Details that can be edited include identity of the load, locations, alerts, people to notify, arrival notification, and shutdown instructions.