Smart Trace Frequently Asked Questions

The SmartTrace STF temperature tracker is a small portable device for monitoring temperature and other attributes of perishable food (and pharma) in near real time during distribution. It does so using the digital cellular network (2G GSM).
Perishable goods are required to meet quality assurance conditions during distribution for regulatory compliance. The SmartTrace device and software solution is designed to simplify this requirement.

The device has a battery life of 10 days at 0°C and is suitable for temperature tracking of food & pharma products within set boundaries. The battery life is affected by low temperatures and by network signal strength.
The device should also not be relied upon for pin-point accuracy of the whereabouts of goods. Location-based services (LBS) is less accurate than GPS and is dependent on cell tower coverage in the area. The upside, however, is LBS works in situations where no GPS satellite is visible.

The Red LED represents battery condition.
When the battery is low, the red light will blink slowly. While being charged, the red light blinks rapidly.Once fully charged, the red light glows continually.

The Blue LED represents wireless connectivity.
When the device is first switched on, the blue light will blink rapidly, searching for a mobile phone signal.
When a signal is found, the blue light will blink slowly.
The blue light will switch itself off after 2 minutes to conserve the battery.
When you switch the device off, the blue light will glow continually before shutting down.

The battery should be charged before each usage. The device will receive it.
The battery can be charged via the charger or via a USB cable from your laptop. While being charged, the red light on the device will blink rapidly. Once fully charged, this red light will glow continually.
The battery level of a device can be monitored via the SmartTrace web application. An alert notification will occur if the battery levels drops too low. These alerts can be configured via the Alert Rules section of the SmartTrace web application.

The device determines location via LBS cell tower triangulation and, unlike GPS, requires no satellite visibility.
Accuracy will vary depending on the number of cell towers in the area. In large cities, typical accuracy is +/-500m. In remote rural areas, the accuracy may be +/-3000m.

The temperature sensor is accurate to +/-0.5°C for typical cold chain temperatures (-20°C to 20°C).

SmartTrace Customer Support is available 9-5pm Monday to Friday ESDT Australia on 61 2 9939 3233.
After hours support is available via