Smart Trace Web Application

The Smart Trace Web Application gives you easy access to your data. View temperature charts and maps, list past shipments, manage trackers, run reports, and configure the system. It takes about 10 minutes to set things up then it is as simple as switching on a tracker.


Define Alert Profiles for different types of perishables.

Determine when alerts fire by setting high and low temperature values and the time period outside this value (either continuous or cumulative time).

Autostart Templates let you automate the entry of dispatch data.

Autostart Templates can include a list of possible start and stop locations (which are detected), alert profile, arrival notification details, and tracker shutdown instructions.

Each tracker is assigned an autostart template, which then determines it’s default startup behavior.

Launch a tracker

Simply hold down the POWER button for 3 seconds to switch on a tracker.

The system will begin monitoring, using parameters from the tracker’s Autostart Template.

View alerts

Receive alerts via email, SMS or App.

Alerts offer a brief summary and a link to the temperature chart.

Alerts can be suppressed upon arrival, after a period of time or on an ad-hoc basis to avoid excessive warnings.

The notification schedule let you configure who receives alerts at different times.

View trackers

The View Trackers page gives you a summary of all your devices.

It includes details of the most recent shipment for each device and the most recent reading. The battery level is also shown.

View shipments

“View all your shipments on a map or a table”

Then select a shipment to view the temperature chart.

View charts and maps

The temperature chart and map gives you the full picture of your perishable delivery as it happens

See multiple trackers on the same trip plotted side by side.

View details such as route, alerts, arrival and last reading.

Suppress alerts and shutdown the device manually or automatically.

Share and collaborate

Work with others to improve the cold chain.

Add comments and notes to the chart. Send the chart as a PDF or CSV file.